Martinmas: Warmth, Light, and Protection

I love this time of year.  Martinmas is nearly upon us, and it brings an entire season of warmth, light, and protection that extends all the way through Candlemas and the very first inklings…

Source: Martinmas: Warmth, Light, and Protection

2 thoughts on “Martinmas: Warmth, Light, and Protection

  1. I’ve not heard of those terms before (Martinmas, Candlemas…had to look them up. 🙂 Did you celebrate them when you were growing up? I like the feelings you evoke (a season of warmth, light and protection) Makes me want to go fix myself a cup of hot cocoa. 😉

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    • I actually re-blogged that from “Parenting Passageway”. It’s not something I grew up with but something I found as I learned about Waldorf education when my daughter started attending a Waldorf school. Of course, now we homeschool so I continue on the traditions. It is so beautiful and warm, just like you said. Really creates a nice family tradition, a recognition of the change of season and brings a quiet, spiritual feel to this time of year that can-often- get chaotic and stressful. The Lantern walk is my favorite! Because of the subtle way it shows children that they always carry the light within….even in the dark times. A good lesson to carry forward in life. Thanks for asking!


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