Believing in Mystery


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Every day we have moments when we get a glimpse into the deep beauty of the world. It may be as simple as a shared conversation, a glass of wine, a walk in nature.  However, sometimes we are so preoccupied that we do not have the time or the space to notice.

You know what the issue is with the world?

Everyone wants some magical solution to their problem

and [yet] everyone refuses to believe in magic

Lewis Carroll,  Alice in Wonderland

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boots and flip flops

One of my oldies but goodies (I think) 😉


So, we were getting ready to go out for a dinner celebration tonight and my husband couldn’t find a certain pair of shoes he wanted to wear. Yes, sadly, in this family-the husband owns the most pairs of shoes. I was in the other room getting ready and heard this from my little cowgirl’s mouth:

“Really, if you’re a cowgirl all you need is boots and flip flops”.

Yes, my dear, it is that simple. That metaphor could translate into life, into simplicity, into living the life you were meant to live, into some really big philosophical post. And yet, after that big dinner, I just don’t have the energy. I think it stands very well on it’s own.

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