taking a breath …barn-style


Oh this journey. Teaching me so much about myself. I realize, that each of us, each person, is a force that doesn’t stop. An energy that moves forward. Sometimes slower, sometimes faster, sometimes just sitting to take a breath and process through things. But always moving forward.

We have officially moved out of the barn of “barnraised” (good-bye post to come). We are in waiting to close on our new facility. Exciting adventures ahead. We are in a temporary barn home. And, yet, an adventure has found me. Isn’t that the way of the universe?


When you are called to do something, it comes. One way or another. And, it doesn’t let you rest. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Mostly good I think. For sake of brevity, I was invited to work at another barn. A show barn, with some sweet and beautiful horses. I did not seek this out, it sought me. Proof and reassurance, that when you are living in your peace, living authentically and walking the path of being yourself and walking in your energy–that reputation will follow you down the trail. When you let go, it comes. That’s the balance, isn’t it?

DreamThe hard balance to maintain- to drive forward and to let go…and let it be all somehow at the same time. At the same time. Just trusting. Oh, yes, I can be a controlling soul. And, I am also learning to let go and let be. That is my journey right now.

Offered this new opportunity, a new postion while I’m in my “layover” to my own adventure. My daughter (as you can see) and I are loving it, and learning even more. Who would’ve thought?


Taking a step into a larger life

Found this fitting of a rare re-blog. Love this site.


File:Tightrope walking.jpg

We get to this point in our life [where] we see that stepping into a larger life is intimidating because it requires that we risk being who we really are, that is, what wants to come to the world through us – rather than serving our ego comforts or whatever instructions came our way. We cannot expect someone else to give us permission. The parent complexes, or the culture complexes, are embedded in our history and will never stop saying what they always said. So it is up to us at this later point, when we have served those voices so long, to realize that our own psyches have a unique point of view, that each one of us is different and that we are bound for different destinies. Stepping into largeness will require that we discern our personal authority – rather than the authority of others or the authority…

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boots and flip flops

So, we were getting ready to go out for a dinner celebration tonight and my husband couldn’t find a certain pair of shoes he wanted to wear. Yes, sadly, in this family-the husband owns the most pairs of shoes. I was in the other room getting ready and heard this from my little cowgirl’s mouth:

“Really, if you’re a cowgirl all you need is boots and flip flops”.

Yes, my dear, it is that simple. That metaphor could translate into life, into simplicity, into living the life you were meant to live, into some really big philosophical post. And yet, after that big dinner, I just don’t have the energy. I think it stands very well on it’s own.

New boots 4