when the quiet comes

This popped up from my posts last year. I read it and found it was a nice reminder. Looking back at my thoughts AFTER an event but reading them again just BEFORE an event helped me feel calmer, more mindful and keep perspective going into it again. I like this. I think I’d like to do this more often as a meditation prior to moving into each new season.


thanksgivingthe barn has been quiet these days. I don’t mean this literally. It is rare, a quiet barn. I mean, this site. I keep up with my weekly “moment” photos and have been enjoying them. But the cowgirl, she has been short on words.

I sit here in the quiet of Thanksgiving night. Everyone asleep, the horses all brought into their stalls, dinners all fed, the house eerily still after the bustle of the day, dishes done, silence falling all around, cold settling in already at 23 degrees and falling. The ups the downs, the laughters and the disappointments of the day all done. It is now that I find myself drawn once again to words. To writing. To the barn of the soul.


It is easy to find gratitude in many things, moments, thoughts, feelings. The softness of my daughter’s cheek. The full table of food. The lack of…

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