the difference

A little story.

I can’t put books on hold at the library right now because my late fees went over $10. I need to go in and pay the fines. Homeschool parents and book addicts understand the pain. I used my daughter’s card to finish my hold request. Her fines are at $9.00. This is of utmost importance to take care of before all book access is cut off.


My daughter talks a lot about the girls at dance and their phone addictions. She doesn’t have a phone and we have limited technology/media use in our home. We often notice how others appear to be so caught up in it simply because we’re not so we pay attention to others more. She laughs about how the girls at dance hide in the locker room to be on their phones and then get in trouble for being late to class. They ask to go to the bathroom in order to check their phones. They text and Instagram each other on water breaks….when they are sitting right next to each other. One girl has tried hiding her phone where she can see it behind a fan at the ballet bar so she knows when a text comes in.


How are these two stories related? My daughter just told me that last night at dance a girl told everyone that she was “crying because she forgot her password and got locked out of her Instagram account”.  My daughter said “you were crying over that? My mom was crying about getting locked out of her library account”.


Cowgirl luxuries

This is how a cowgirl goes on vacation.

cowgirl vacation

Days Inn. 25 minutes from home. It’s funny how things change. How priorities change. As we change and grow. As we morph into new lifestyles and ways of being. There was a time when a vacation meant a plane, visiting family, or another country, an adventure. All of that still has it’s place. But, let me explain. It had been a week …more like two… of a sick baby yearling horse (better now), working with the new rescue horses, “riding” a couple of those semi-trained ones, pregnant mare checks (she still hasn’t had that baby!), I could go on but you get the point. Basically, it’s just life here at the barn amplified a little bit. We needed a quick and easy get-away. As I was saying, oh how priorities change. Luxury, by definition, now is a quiet uninterrupted night of sleep. No tractors, no hay deliveries, no pregnant mare checks, no sick yearling checks. No 6 AM feedings in the freezing.

vacation 5And lots of reading to catch up on. An indoor pool (in the middle of winter). For my daughter who loves to swim. Myself, a stack of books to read by that pool. For both of us, no stalls to clean, no dirt, no lessons, no boarders, no trail rides, no tourists.

vacation 10

vacation 7

Other luxuries? Let’s see, I already addressed sleep. Oh, controlled heat. No fire to start. Just set that thermostat and relax. Water pressure. A nice shower anytime we want. It’s hit and miss at our place unless you shower in the middle of the night. At any point in the day, water troughs are filling, horses are bathing…all leads to almost zero water pressure in the barn apartment. Time. Time, for sleep, time for relaxing, time for crafting. We did get those valentine cards done!

vacation 3

vacation 4

All of those things I’m whining about above, we love them. Honestly. We could move back into our old house. If we wanted to. We wouldn’t. We love our life. But every cowgirl needs a weekend of “luxuries”! Notice, she’s reading horse books even here? We know where her heart is.

vacation 6


So we can enjoy the occasional quick couple of days of “luxury” and rejuvenate ourselves too!

vacation 2


…see you back at the barn…

“We need a renaissance of wonder. We need to renew, in our hearts and in our souls, the deathless dream, the eternal poetry, the perennial sense that life is miracle and magic”.

–E. Merrill Root