Butterfly Migration (Into the Barn?)


What else does a barn girl do when it’s too dark and cold in the evening to ride any longer but knit by the woodstove, right? Or under the lights in the tack room. Or in her bed in the middle of the night when she’s supposed to be sleeping. She has returned to her favorite (and surprising at one time, but no longer) obsession of knitting and sewing. Perhaps children, too, feel the small sadness in the changing of the seasons as it gets cold fast and the sun sets earlier and earlier. She has started knitting butterflies! I’m quite impressed with this girl.

Sewing 3

The holiday work has begun as she says she is making a butterfly for everyone on her gifting list this year. Ambitious, and yet very likely to be completed well before December even hits knowing her.


Did I mention she is also covering her walls with them? Tacking them on right into her tree!

Wall butterfly


Purple flower

Spring has come. Summer is here. The seasons are suddenly moving so fast. I have found myself getting behind…on seasons! Mother Nature always comes back around to remind us where we are at no matter how quickly, or how slowly, we want to move. We are creatures of the Earth, bound to the seasons, the Earth’s rotation, the rythms of all else. No matter how we don’t want to be. I take a moment to savor this beautiful summer day, after the monsoon rains, when all the green and color blooms. It is so brief, but so beautiful. And I have to remember at this time of year, to just slow down for a few moments and delight in the beauty!