life assignments



my daughter naturally wakes up at the crack of dawn. She says she likes to watch the sunrise. Bless her sweet little heart. There is beauty in the sunrise that’s for sure. But since we moved out of the barn where I had to be up and feeding at sunrise into the barn where I’m now the boss- and THIS boss says feeding time is at 8:00, I think the sun can rise ok without my supervision. Anyways, she likes to be up. She also likes work. She likes “assignments”. She likes worksheets. Sometimes I wonder about her. It’s so funny. We life-school as I like to call it. Barn-school. Un-school. I don’t care for worksheets and curriculum-type schooling at all. I guess when you don’t force stuff, you get kids that love to learn. Maybe I’m just lucky, but she literally asks me for this stuff.

So I oblige and compromise. I give her morning work that she can complete on her own while she watches the sunrise and I get a few more zzzs. Oh boy, that makes me sound lazy. Really, she’s just a way over-achiever.

This winter has been unseasonably warm. We haven’t had snow yet. Crazy. She’s been bummed. She REALLY REALLY wanted a white Christmas. She’s been waiting. And doing snow dances. It rained all evening. In bed last night she told me that she “believed”. On my way to bed last night I peeked out and saw it was finally snowing. I walked back out to the dining table and swiped away her “silly” assignments, replacing it with this.

We all need more life assignments I do believe.

Remember that October mischief?

snowmanWell, that mischief is back! (halloween mischief post). Our fun and whimsical boarder who keeps us on our toes is at it again. We found this little guy back by the wheelbarrows behind the hay barn. It was unexpected and had us laughing. Reminding me what a fun and enchanting place this stable-land can be.

snowman2So, in all honesty, I was double checking my spelling of “mischief” when I found myself going over it’s definition. Mis-chief n. 1. Behavior that causes annoyance or difficulty 2. Damage, destruction, or injury caused by a specific person or thing or a specific injury or harm done 3. The inclination or tendency to play pranks or get into trouble. Hum….what an unexpected lesson in perspective. I tend to use the word as a more playful, fun type of “trouble”. You know, the good kind. Anyways, here’s to mischief (of all sorts) in the playful, whimsical and surprising ways that it appears here at our barn and in all of our lives. Although my heart is with the horses here, it is often the people that unexpectedly (MISCHIEVIOUSLY) end up being the heart beat of this place too.

A little magic boot

Yesterday was Three Magic Kings Day here in our barn (…home).  It’s a cultural thing for our family more than anything. Anyways, if you leave your shoe by your bed with a little hay for the camels…those three magic kings will surely stop by for a snack and leave a final small gift in your shoe as the holiday season officially “ends”.

Three kings2

I found a gift was left for me as well…It was a glorious morning.


Snow7As we have also had our first real snow of the season! What a sight to wake to. The picture above is right out of my daughter, Sahalie’s, window overlooking the stalls. Does it get any more magical than this for an eight-year old?


And, the view out the main room window.

Snow12And, walking out the front door. It’s going to be cold. But beautiful. And so quiet. Which is so, so rare and sacred here.

Snow11But, the tractor started so life is good! Otherwise, this could’ve been a long morning trek.


NOW….let the fun begin!





THANK YOU for the gifts of quiet and stillness balanced with fun and chaos. And, the warmth and comfort that somehow follow everyone of these crazy days!