solstice from the barn

A quiet solstice day and night it has been. Last night, the near full moon turned red. Today was an all-time record heat day. Emotions and turbulence have run high. Kept it as calm and quiet this long, hot day as I could manage for my own well-being. Molded yellow beeswax suns to hang in the window. Baked sun cookies. Hosed the horses down with cold mist twice and added ice to their water in the middle of the day. Settled outside to watch the full moon rise silent with my little girl and her dog. Sudden dark clouds blew in. Covered the moon rise completely. We still admired the fire red spot of Mars and had some juice under the stars. I got her out of bed later when the clouds cleared enough to see the moon. It did not have the red it raged last night in my solitude. Sudden gusts of wind blew a chair over and then a sprinkle of rain that passed so quickly we would’ve never known had we not been standing under the wide open sky at that moment. In the midst of chaos, I tried to find the gratitude in that moment and gave her a kiss on the cheek as she went back to bed.

sostice 2


Purple flower

Spring has come. Summer is here. The seasons are suddenly moving so fast. I have found myself getting behind…on seasons! Mother Nature always comes back around to remind us where we are at no matter how quickly, or how slowly, we want to move. We are creatures of the Earth, bound to the seasons, the Earth’s rotation, the rythms of all else. No matter how we don’t want to be. I take a moment to savor this beautiful summer day, after the monsoon rains, when all the green and color blooms. It is so brief, but so beautiful. And I have to remember at this time of year, to just slow down for a few moments and delight in the beauty!