Blog 15
Cowgirls. We are not always who you think we should be. And we are always who we are. Take it or leave it. We are not the average girls and we’re not saying we are anything extra special either. We are amazing everyday in the quiet brimming under the excitement. Here’s to my little girl, Sahalie. For all of who she is. I am so thankful for her and the ways she reminds me that everything is okay. She reminds me to stop worrying. She reminds me to look up at the beautiful sunrise. She reminds me to not get stuck in the details. “Don’t let the details ruin the whole big fun”….That is her favorite saying. Did I mention she is only seven years old? Seven years on this Earth, but so much older and so much wiser than I know. In many ways, I am here having this adventure for her. When it feels like really hard work and I desperately miss my privacy and old life I remind myself of what she gets to experience. What little girl’s dream wouldn’t involve living in a barn and running a stable? She loves these horses as much as I do, only she remembers to be grateful and excited for the experience and opportunity to love. Even though we homeschool and I am the “teacher”, it is she that teaches me every single day. Thank you, Sahalie.

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