Falling fast


Fall is in the air

Well, if this little cutie (named Romance, perfectly enough) isn’t getting you into the fall spirt then I just don’t know what will. Fall is definitely in the air, as the saying goes. From the sudden early morning chill to the need to start wearing my fleece lined work gloves and sweatshirts to feed in the morning, I never quite knew what that saying meant, I now realize, until now. The waking up just a smidge later because the sunrise is just a smidge slower (that’s a few minutes more sleep for us) and then walking out into a somehow slower feeling morning with a crispness in the air that has long been forgotten. The help, the boarders, the lessons…they all arrive just a little bit later. It seems the world sleeps more, we fold in. We fold in to remember the changing of the seasons, the pulling of the tides, the chilling of the moon, rejuvenating our bodies in the way that humans really do seem to hibernate. I welcome the chill, the fall air, the slowing down of our world for just a tiny little bit.

Sunflower 2







I also smell a bit of mischief in the air….


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