13 thoughts on “Gifting

  1. I love planting something in honor of Mother’s Day!!! Beautiful. The gift that keeps on giving. We planted apple trees one mother’s day, I’m guessing it was about 2001. One of them is right outside our kitchen window… tell me what kind of tree that is? Noticed too you have “homeschool” as one of your tags…do you guys homeschool? You have probably mentioned it before and I just never noticed,. (we did for 9 yrs, starting when our oldest was in 6th grade) DM


  2. I always request a tree or plant that can go into the ground for mother’s day. I dislike how materialistic “holidays” have become. I also know that my family really wants to satisfy their “need” to give me something, so everyone -including the earth- benefits from this! I am starting a “plant a tree for mother’s day campaign” :)…..in my corner of the world anyways. This one is a Japanese Maple.Yes, we homeschool. We have chatted about it (a while back though) and I read your awesome article looking back on homeschooling 🙂 I love hearing perspectives of those looking back on homeschooling as opposed to those who are swimming in the chaos and sometimes doubt of the day to day.


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