Left behind

Looking back at my blog as I consider what is next here. And, I feel a little writer’s block tonight. My favorite post of all time, I think….


Left behind boots
Left behind boots. That was my first clue. Walking down to my horses stall, I came upon these left behind boots. I thought they were worthy of a shot. So I took one. Only to find out, as my morning progresses that two or three of our “resident cowgirls” had decided to forego their boots and (for some reason) head off on their horses barefoot and free. “Natural Horsemanship”…..? I think it could qualify. These girls! My first thought was (I will admit) how UNSAFE! And, my second thought was how BEAUTIFUL. I do remember those carefree days and I wish them upon my daughter. No matter how I may worry and fret, I want my daughter to know carefree, bareback, barefoot days on horseback that nearly no mom would approve of. As my little one grows, I have to remember there will be times to turn the “blind eye”…

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6 thoughts on “Left behind

  1. Good for you re-blogging an old favorite.

    One thing I find to be a double-edge sword about blogging is the absolute immediacy of posting . . . if it is not all-right-now, all-the-time, somehow that’s not good enough. I find it so important to go back and see where I have been and how that can direct me forward.

    Because everything is leading to somewhere.



    xo to you today.

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    • You are so right. That’s why I blog too, to keep a memory, a log and to look back on and re-evaluate. I haven’t really been doing that though, so it was good to look back. It helps to keep me motivated and on track to …wherever it is I’m being led 🙂 Hope youre having a wonderful week!


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