Always Get Back On

Wise words from a young lady with an old soul 🙂

Country Girl Reviews

“C. (my six year old sister) fell off Dominique (our donkey)!!” A. (my nine year old sister) announced, walking into the house.

I immediately turn around to look C. in the eye. “Did you get back on??”

C. looks back at me and says, “No.”

“No?” I ask, faking amazement. “Why not?”

“Dominique ran away and I had to go get her.” A. says.

“When A. got her back, then did you get back on?” I ask C.


“Why not?”

“Because I was already walking up to the barn.” C. answers.

I smile at her and take her hand. “Come on, C.” I say. “Let’s go.” I lead her out to the barn where Dominique stand tied up. “You always have to get back on,” I tell her. “Because if you don’t get on now, you might be too scared to get on later. Also, Dominique will learn that you falling…

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