Writing Challenge: A moment that took my breath away


wide open spacesTonya over at Fourth Generation Farmgirl hit me up with this writing challenge. Please check her blog out if you haven’t already. It is a fun and beautiful blog! This challenge spoke to me and looked fun, so here we go:

A moment that took my breath away. I just had one yesterday. As a matter of fact.

I volunteer at a facility for “riders with disabilities”. I help teach one day a week. I have a class of five children with varying disabilities (I like to call them alter-abilities). Anyways, my daughter and I do a lot of volunteer work at this riding center. We cross paths daily with all sorts of amazing people. Some may qualify for riding for physical disabilites, some for developmental, mental or otherwise disabilities. There is a large scope of people there. Well, anyways…my weekly class and the five kids in it had a…

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5 thoughts on “Writing Challenge: A moment that took my breath away

  1. Sounds like an amazing place… I wish I was closer, my son would probably grow to love that place.
    Our children are such pure hearts… If we weren’t blinded by our own “grown-up” egos, we could learn so much from them.

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