The barn is raised

Without further ado, the barn is raised folks. The barn is raised.

April 1st the barn opened. Ya’ll know how a cowgirl rolls, a little slow. Not in life. But in contemplation, and in reporting. The days have been winding on and the work grinding away. I have remained a little bit quiet in the transformation. Inner and outer.

Here it is though. The transformation. The “barn”. When you need magic and grace, that you will find here. When you need a grounded, dirt-in-the-mouth, sweat-in-the-brow, down-home, barnraised experience, that you will find here. When you need to be pushed to the limits of who you are and who you want to be. When you just need a refuge, a shelter, a shady space in the barn to rest from life. You will find what it is that you need….here. At “barnraised”. We closed on the property, put in the sweat-work, manifested the barn known as “barnraised” (name inspired by blog of course). So exciting. So beautiful. Welcome to the barn. Welcome to my barn. Welcome to the barn that accepts you for who you are, where you’re at and what you’re ready to learn. Come on in. Take a seat and observe. Or take the reins and ride. Either way, welcome to the barn of the soul. You will be sure to learn something here and leave a little wiser and “barnraised”…. blessings.

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