2 thoughts on “Martinmas: Warmth, Light, and Protection

  1. I’ve not heard of those terms before (Martinmas, Candlemas…had to look them up. 🙂 Did you celebrate them when you were growing up? I like the feelings you evoke (a season of warmth, light and protection) Makes me want to go fix myself a cup of hot cocoa. 😉

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    • I actually re-blogged that from “Parenting Passageway”. It’s not something I grew up with but something I found as I learned about Waldorf education when my daughter started attending a Waldorf school. Of course, now we homeschool so I continue on the traditions. It is so beautiful and warm, just like you said. Really creates a nice family tradition, a recognition of the change of season and brings a quiet, spiritual feel to this time of year that can-often- get chaotic and stressful. The Lantern walk is my favorite! Because of the subtle way it shows children that they always carry the light within….even in the dark times. A good lesson to carry forward in life. Thanks for asking!


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