holdin’ my own


“If the world comes knocking, tell ’em I’m not home. Tell ’em, I’m holdin’ my own”  -Eric Church


Well, spring sessions at the barn are in full swing. The hussle is on.  It is good.  The world is changing. And one tiny, little “barnraised” corner plays a part in it. Small when one steps back….huge when one breathes in and knows it in the present moment.

A little girl. She is small for her age. She is huge for her age. Her presence on the earth calls for space. Her grandparents say “she is small for her age…she is not held to very high expectations. She is very capable though”. Her body shifts shoulders back. Her soul speaks. A horse responds. The world spins consistently. No spoken change. The world moves on. The girl grows in her inner strength. The horse feeds from her leadership. And they go forward, together. That girl is old for her age, big for her age, huge for her age. I promise. Walk away, breathe, feel her strength. Walk away……

These are the little ways you change the world. Her world has changed. My world has changed. She can change the world.



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