the tree that keeps on giving

Christmas trees around the world

Joining in at with our little barn tree:


We always try for a living tree. They are not always easy to find. We have to go to a small, local nursery and tend to pay more for a tree smaller and more modest than the average cut one. But, it makes up for it in the knowing that we have a tree in our home that is ALIVE, breathing, caring for us as we care for it. And then ends up planted on our property to continue on it’s life. We have always striven for this. However, when we moved into the barn of “barnraised”, we suddenly found ourselves living in a home barn that didn’t belong to us. And, I don’t think it would be quite the same sentiment to return back to the house that we own and now have renter’s leasing to…knock, knock, can we plant our Christmas tree? So this tradition took a hiatus while we lived in the barn. Now, we have this new beautiful property. A fresh canvas to plant. We, this year, continue the tradition. Holiday tree #1 for the new barn.

As we take, we try to give back to the earth. That’s the Christmas spirit that I wish to instill in my little girl. That’s the sort of “tradition” I want to pass on.