part 2 of that history making

Sahe join up 2I have chronicled a little bit here about my little girl’s struggles and fears with her horse, Romance.

She loves this horse with ALL of her heart and soul.

And she is timid and harbors some fear from a scary experience from a horse she rode prior to getting her own baby, Romance.

Romance is stubborn, challenging, diva-ish ….and yet still-I have reluctantly discovered- the perfect horse for my timid and sweet little girl.

We all have fears to work through. If we want it bad enough, we do it.

If we don’t want it, that’s okay. No one is forcing us to do things we don’t want to do.

I will never push her. But I will support her. I have always told her that she never has to do anything she truly doesn’t want to. BUT if she wants something, then she can’t let fear stop her. There’s a fine line there, isn’t there? Even for us adults. I know.

Sahe join up 4

I’ll tell ya. This little cowgirl wanted it. She has worked her cute little heart out. For horsey readers–she has round-penned, joined up, spent hours in her stall, trained, rode, loved, cried… For mommy, daddy, and otherwise readers–she has persevered in ways that many much older than her could never. It wasn’t always pretty, but it was always beautiful. As mom, I tried to guide, make sure she was safe and then –step back. Again, balancing the fine line. My little, timid, sweet girl was not always well-behaved in those moments with her horse. In the sense, that this cowgirl knew what she wanted and was going for it even with trepidation, nerves, fear, tears and telling mom to back off (in much sweeter words, I assure you, but same meaning). I discovered that she is strong in who she is. Big difference between being timid and soft-spoken and being strong and confident. What’s that saying…”never mistake kindness for weakness”…

Sahe join up 3


*final post on this back story to come 🙂

31 thoughts on “part 2 of that history making

  1. This experience with her horse will shape her and guide her in life as she meets other challenges. Both her horse and your support have provided an excellent upbringing and many positive lessons learned.

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  2. It’s always wonderful to finally have something that you’ve really worked for – this is going to have wonderful knock on effects on her in all sorts of ways isn’t it 🙂


    • Yes, most definitetly. In our world, it seems to be horses, but-really-this can be translated into so much. Whatever passion and challenge our children face is such an amazing part of their development.


    • It is. For us, we learn so much through horses. For others, it is different opportunities. But, all the same, it is certainly magical to see a child grow and expand in who they are.


    • I love this. Thank you so much for the link. My girl draws and draws…and draws horses daily so this is a great idea for us to pursue. Hats off to you! And yes, it is so true. I see it in my own life…much is not pretty, but when we get down to the nitty gritty of it, it is so beautiful.


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