“This is going to help me with getting published…

And, when I’m published I’m going to acknowledge you”

My response: “For being your mama?”

“For being a supportive mama and doing my editing”.

Quiet…clicks of typing

“How old do you have to be to publish a book?”

My response: “I don’t think there’s an actual age”

“Oh good, good, good!”

Back to the clicks of typing.

This is the morning scene and talk here. I’m literally typing this into my phone as she says it because I want to remember. I swear my kid makes homeschooling easy. I’m literally sipping coffee on the couch. “School” is still on break for us. These are the moments when I totally get “unschooling”. We’ve been talking about a little more computer use for her and starting typing skills since she is getting older-ish. This morning was free to be lazy, play with Christmas toys…she asked to use the computer and write in a “document”. Thus….

You go girl, you go!

This was the story she started working on yesterday while we sat with a banker making a retirement contribution and discussing where to invest it. So happy the guy had an inviting notepad and pen on his desk.

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