Room to make a big mistake

wide open spaces

“She needs wide open spaces, room to make a big mistake”. Dixie Chicks, my friends. Remember? I loved that song. Still do. And these photos I snapped the other day during a bit of a storm reminded me of the lyrics. When I made the decision to move my family into the barn here at the stables, many people were skeptical. Even told me not to do it. I couldn’t fathom why anyone would criticize an opportunity for such an experience. It wasn’t as if I was going away to prison. Or signing my life away. I wasn’t joining the military. Or leaving for a third world country. It’s a barn for crying out loud. It was an opportunity that presented itself so perfectly and with such possibility that I couldn’t pass it up. I knew there would be challenges. I did my usual pros and cons list that I rely so heavily on. I’m not great at decision making. Hard work, yes. Commitment, yes. Changes in life and routines, yes. And adventure that many wouldn’t ever see and memory making….YES! I feel like this has always been who I am at heart. I have jumped on adventure. I have lived all over the world…in England, in Ireland, in Japan and had many unique jobs and experiences. One day, going on around three years ago, I sat down and wrote an “intention letter” assignment for a class I was taking at a spiritual center. I realized that what I would like to see back in my life was adventure. I had settled down, married, had a child and found myself living in this current small town for several years now. I was afraid that I might get “stuck”. But I was also so very happy “stuck” here and raising my family. I longed for something new, challenging and adventurous that could still coincide with my settling down-happy-little-family life. Moving away, traveling, taking a job in another country just didn’t seem to fit anymore. I felt happy. Our business was thriving and growing. My daughter had solid friendships. We loved our spiritual community. Leaving such great things didn’t seem to fit. An adventure still did. It was less two years after writing this letter that I was invited here.

wide open spaces 2

To live, work and play. To dream. And to give my daughter an adventure to remember. “Room to make a big mistake”!!!

wide open spaces 3As I have passed our one year anniversary here, I remember those nay-sayers, the negativity that some projected, the caution that I even had going into this. But, what really stands out in my memory is the realization that life gives you what you need when you need it, if you let go and just accept you can have and do incredible things, to live life with passion, grace and a sense of adventure, to give yourself room to make a big mistake without letting the fear of a “mistake” guide you away from an adventure, a dream, something fun. Nothing is forever. Jump in head first, swim in the opportunity to learn, be and do something great. Enjoy. And, if it isn’t exactly perfect, you can always head for that next adventure. Enjoy it while it lasts. And, then set your next intentions. The freedom sometimes is in knowing you create your reality, your happiness, your place in this life-however it may show up. Cheers to that!

23 thoughts on “Room to make a big mistake

  1. Wow! That landscape makes my heart beat faster. Love it!!

    Plus I love that sentiment of wide open spaces and big mistakes – although I wouldn’t characterize anything in this post as a mistake. I heard something the other day that made me pause: You are either listening to your creative genius (that which is life-giving) or you are listening to your fear (that which is not life-giving). A nice way to divide the voices, huh?

    Congratulations on your year in the barn. Looks life-giving to me.


    • Oh I love how you put that. Life giving or not. Sometimes it is hard to know what’s just fear talking to us. I like the term mistake because ultimately I don’t think there really are mistakes. But if there are, well in my mind it just feels smaller for me and helps me to override my fear. like I tell my daughter when she is doing her work and makes some mistake “it’s just a mistake no big deal we’ll fix it!”. hope that makes sense…not sure I explained that very well!


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  3. So with the naysayers… I personally really dislike them. They pop up everywhere, sometimes you don’t even have to be doing something radically risky for them to rear their heads. As related to horses, I had naysayers when I told them I was getting my own horse. After riding and competing other people’s horses for years and years. Despite having both money to care for it, and several decades of experience under my belt.
    There still had to be naysayers. Sigh. I’m wondering how you feel about them now? Myself, I’ve written off their validity as giving advice 🙂


    • You’re so right…they are everywhere. And generally it’s a sign of someone’s own insecurity or perhaps unhappiness projected onto something good you’re doing. Or just a sign of their worry perhaps. I have to consciously always remind myself of that. Good for you!

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  4. Truly an inspiring post! Making big decisions, different from most people, usually brings a lot of nay sayers and doubting looks. I am glad that you had enough faith and daring character to go with it and still, one year after, be happy with the decision you made. I would like nothing more than to one day find a small house in nature, where my hubby and I could live peacefully, as it feels right for us!


  5. Amen and well said! Beautiful post.

    We’re now more than 10 years into our “big mistake” and I’m happier than ever. 🙂

    I love that song too. 🙂 In places like yours (and ours) we may as well go ahead and take chances. There’s plenty of room to make a big mistake (and if necessary get up, dust ourselves off and climb back on).


  6. Lovely photos, kind of reminds me of Colorado. I loved your post too. I think you are so right. People find themselves stuck in ruts, miserable in their present situation but too afraid to make the big jump into something that might potentially make them really happy. It’s kind of like working the same job for years and years , not because you enjoy it but because if making changes requires a massive amount of energy and trust in the fact that things do work themselves out.

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